Advanced Fitness Nutrition Course

Getting the proper fitness and nutrition program is very similar to your daily basic routine. There is a unique science involved in obtaining optimum results of you nutrition regime.


Here at the advanced fitness nutrition course, we work carefully to develop a fitness program based on each individual’s goals, aims, needs, and expectations. We affect our client’s lifestyle, schedule, and availability to make each program healthy, efficient, effective, and long lasting.


  • Simple ways to balance your blood sugar and energy levels; including how to eliminate the mid-day slump.
  • What everyone should know about food sensitivities and how to deal with them.
  • What type of food you should eat after different types of workouts.
  • How carbohydrates sensitive you are, and how your diet should be changed.
  • A simple and effective methods of optimizing your nutrition plan for your specific goals.

Who should attend

  • Allied health, medical, and fitness professionals and trainers.
  • Dietitians seeking advanced nutrition knowledge, certification, licensure, or career advancement.
  • People who are interested in seeking to stay in nutritional program and general health issue.
  • People who need to start a fitness plan.
  • Individuals who are concerned about their health issues, such as: Diabetes / High cholesterol level / Blood pressure


First Day:

  • Introduction to Nutrition Rules and limiting factors.
  • The body types, the cell structure and the steps of digestion.
  • Food analysis into proteins, carbohydrates, vital fats and minerals

Second Day:

  • Water, Fluid Balance and oxygen
  • Amino Acids, Fat loss and Muscle gain (athletes/Supplements intake)
  • Energy and Sports Growth food factors

Third Day:

  • Pregnancy Food Obligations and directions
  • Detoxing nutrition plan (how and when to have a detox).
  • How to set your own suitable nutrition system and last forever on this plan.

Requirement for attending

  • Basic English is needed. “Cover some of the expirations”
  • Good understanding of Arabic. “Main language for the course”

Presenter: Rima Montaser Elahmady

ISSA Graduate (International Sports and Science Association) Located in the USA. A degree in Specialist Fitness Nutrition (SFN). A degree in Specialist in Sports Nutrition (SSN). 5 experience years as a nutritionist. Handling all the nutrition medical, health and fitness cases such as diabetes, Pregnancy, immunity problems and all athletics & Body builders.

Duration of the event: 3 days

Quick Info

  • Full material is available
  • Dedicated Course Trainer
  • Convenient place to learn

Advanced Fitness Nutrition Course runs over a 12 hours. Got the early bird course fee.

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